Stock Quality, Well-being and Efficiency

Stock quality will allow us to save resources invested in a material that we don’t really need.

Stock Quality, Well-being and Efficiency

A quality stock will allow us to save resources spent on a material which is not really necessary or profitable in the short- and mid-term, with the risk of becoming obsolete.

The product catalogue segmentation will make it easier for us to know what our star products are, and take right purchase decisions for specific purposes.

Similarly, we will ensure that we have enough products, especially those which are sold the most, that we do not lose any customers and that we manage incidents. As a result, we will save commercial efforts and internal management.

What is Stock Management?

Stock can be defined as the supplies of a certain product stored in a certain organization.

Stock management includes the management of all the elements related to the storage of products. Inventory management is closely linked to the accounting valuation of stocks, necessary in the accounting of organizations.

The stock management systems must allow to reach the optimum level of stock.

There is an optimal level that can be determined from 2 perspectives:

  • Customer service.
  • Cost.

Which profiles are involved in the decision-making process?

Purchase and Treasury Departments.

How can we help you with the Quality, Well-being and Efficiency of the Stock Management?

From Serenty, we can help you carry out the following tasks related to the stock management:

  • We monitor your stock quality and well-being through efficient purchases by segmenting the product catalogue.
  • We manage the provision for obsolescence.
  • We calculate in an efficient way the maximums and the minimums for the replenishment of the stores / branches as well as for the purchase to the supplier.
  • We identify the shortage of product and the existing over-stock.
  • We generate stock balances.
  • We prepare reports of stock quality X-ABC.

In Serenty, we excel at Quality, Well-being and Efficiency of the Stock Management

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