Warehouses Management

Improvement in your warehouse management will gain several advantages for your business.

Process Consulting in the warehouses management

By improving your warehouses management, you will gain several advantages:

  • Firstly, you will carry out more efficient purchases, thus you will relieve the pressure over the company’s cash flow, and you will optimise the investment of the working capital.
  • Secondly, the product turnover will increase, and its obsolescence will be avoided. As a result, the product quality and the stock well-being will improve.
  • Thirdly, the warehouses maps and locations will improve the productivity of the warehouse team, by making logistics processes quicker and saving time on the order preparation processes and placing of goods.
  • Since the whole process is developed automatically administrative tasks will be reduced.
  • Finally, costs will be optimised and the level of customer satisfaction will be higher.

What is Warehouses Management?

Warehouse management is defined as the process of the logistics function responsible for the reception, storage and movement within the same warehouse to the point of consumption of any material – raw materials, semi-finished, finished, as well as the treatment and information of the generated data. Warehouse management aims to optimize a functional logistics area that operates in two flow stages, namely, supply and physical distribution, thus constituting the management of one of the most important activities for an organization to work.

The general objective of the warehouse management is to guarantee the continuous and timely supply of the materials and means of production required to ensure the services in an uninterrupted and rhythmic manner.

Which profiles are involved in the decision-making process?

In the warehouse management, the Warehouse Manager and the Head of the Purchase Department would be involved.

How can we help you in the Warehouse Management?

The service we offer from Serenty will help achieve improvements in warehouse management:

  • It will help you transfer, relocate and move efficiently stock, between delegations and warehouses to avoid over-stock.
  • We make warehouse maps, which will allow us to manage locations and, if they are not available, create them.
  • We develop rotating inventories and we create the automation of processes.
  • All of this with the following objectives: to increase delivery speed, turn you into a reliable supplier, reduce company costs and minimize handling and transportation operations of the company.

In Serenty, we excel at Warehouse Management Consulting.

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