Customer Management

It is essential to work with a segmented client portfolio and get the most out of CRM systems

Customer Management Consulting and CRM

With a segmented client portfolio, we will know in which clients we should focus our commercial and sales efforts; take strategic decisions based on the relevance of each one of them according to their specific importance and stop wasting resources on those clients who are faithful to us, but one-time clients for whom our company is the last option; provide contrasted tools to the sales team to exert force on customers and improve their position in our portfolio, increasing their consumption and therefore our sales.

Potential customers and client recovery, in principle “lost” or who have stopped consuming us, will allow us to recover those customers, build loyalty with a new strategy and increase our sales.

CRM helps the company so that its marketing and sales departments can identify and select their best customers, manage marketing campaigns and generate quality opportunities for the sales team.

CRM helps the organization to improve the sale of the Call Center and the management of accounts and sales by optimizing shared information.

CRM allows the formation of personalized relationships with clients, with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and maximizing benefits; identifying the most profitable customers and offering them the highest level of service.

CRM provides employees with the necessary information and processes to get to know their clients, understand and identify their needs and forge relationships between the company, its client base and the distribution partners.

The CRM implementation will allow the sales force team to have tools and arguments to present to the client in order to sell them; and not only that, it will give us an advantage over our competition and move from a second place to being the first option.

What are Customer Management and CRM?

Customer management is a practice oriented to the development and long-term maintenance of strategic clients. A successful development of this practice requires intelligent diagnostic tools and performance measures that guide strategic decisions.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a term of the information industry that is applied to methodologies, software and, in general, to the capabilities that help a company to manage the relationships with its customers in an organized manner.

Which profiles are involved in the decision-making process?

The Head of the Sales Department and the Sales Manager.

How can we help you with the Customer Management and CRM?

From Serenty, we offer different types of solutions:

  • We suggest a segmented client portfolio.
  • We analyse your potential customers.
  • We develop trend controls.
  • We improve the definition and distribution routes.
  • We customize reports on the Rappel settlement of each one of your clients.
  • We develop recruitment forms.
  • We manage your CRM from the beginning, with the implementation of information collection forms.
  • We provide you with tools to manage the CRM.
  • We tend towards excellent personal attention with the main objective of increasing your sales.

In Serenty we excel at Customer Management and CRM.

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